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Bhiwandi is a city, in the district of Thane, in the western state of Maharashtra, in India, located 20 km to the north-east of Mumbai and 15 km to the north-east of Thane city. The exact location of Bhiwandi is 19.296664°N 73.063121°E.


In the early Twentieth century, Bhiwandi was a small town, inhabited by Maharashtrians. The main occupation of the people was agriculture, fishing and hand looms. With the advent of electricity, the hand looms began to be quickly replaced by power looms. It became a hub of the textile industry in the 1930s. Bhiwandi used to have a port on the river known as Kamwadi river. During 16th century the port was situated at area known as Bunder Mohalla. There was trading business of woods & Spices. There used to be a regular business and merchants used to travel frequently. At that time the merchant was called as “Saudagar”, and the area used to refer as Saudagar Mohalla. The labour who works for shipping building used to live at place today called as Sutar Bada and Hamal Bada. The worker who navigates the ship used to live at place today known as Tandel Mohalla. During the reign of King Shivaji Bhiwandi city was known by the name of Rameshwaram.


The economy of Bhiwandi Nizampur is mostly dependent on the power loom industry. The decline of Mumbai’s textile mills spurred the growth of the power loom sector. In order to meet the demand for grey fabric, power loom centers sprang up in various parts of the State. Textile and migrant workers especially from Uttar pradesh (mainly from Azamgarh, Wasadargah (siddarthnagar) and Varanasi) and Bihari migrant labours came in droves to find work at these centers. Bhiwandi Nizampur became the 2nd largest power loom centre in the country after Surat city powerloom. The bloom of cloth oil and looms still attract the workerfrom different states to come and find a suitable jobs. The State government estimates that over 40 lakh people are dependent directly or indirectly on the looms of Bhiwandi Nizampur. The Power loom industry is the main reason for huge number of floating population.Bhiwandi is the "richest city in Thane District". Bhiwandi also has became the "highest paid octroi" with the largest godown present in Asia which basically own by local politicians in and around Bhiwandi. Bhiwandi is the `mother godown' for several industries and the nodal up-country booking and transit point for several goods transporters owing to the octroi benefits that can be availed of there. The biggest names in the pharma company have their godowns here.


Bhiwandi Nizampur lies in the Konkan coastal lowland. There are many hills surrounding Bhiwandi, which add to its scenic beauty. The average elevation is 24 m from MSL (Mean Sea Level). The Average Rainfall is 3224 mm. The average annual daytime temperature varies from 28-32 C, daily nighttime temperature is 18-25 C. The average daytime humidity is 62.5%


The main mode of transport within Bhiwandi Nizampur is the auto rickshaw.Nowadays Omni(Taxi) is also one of the main mode of transport.There are no intra-city buses as of now running within the city, but the Bhiwandi-Nizampur city Municipal Corporation is planning a bus system soon. There are also bus service provided by Thane Municipal Transport (TMT) from Thane station to Narpoli and from Mulund to Narpoli.Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Transport (KDMT) also runs buses on regular interval.


Bhiwandi Nizampur is well connected with the rest of the country because of the Mumbai-Agra Highway (National Highway-3), which passes through it. The highway is one the most important in the country and as a result there is a heavy flow of traffic through Bhiwandi Nizampur, consisting of passenger cars as well as the 18-wheel giant tractor trailers. Two flyovers have been constructed on this highway to smooth traffic. In view of distributing some of the traffic which does not have to make a stop in Bhiwandi Nizampur, an alternate subsidiary road, commonly and appropriately called the Bhiwandi –bypass was built. This 3 lane, well maintained subsidiary road, breaks off from the main highway, in Thane, and meets the highway again, 6 km to the north of Bhiwandi Nizampur, near Shangri-la resort. The Maharashtra State Transport Corporation (MSRTC) runs bus services to various cities in the state as well as neighboring states. The Bhiwandi Nizampur ST (State Transport) Depot is located on the Mumbai-Agra Highway. Buses run every half hour to nearby depots like Mumbai-Central,Thane, Kalyan, Vasai, Wada and Borivli,nashik shirdi,aurangabad,pune etc. The Thane Municipal Transport operates bus services from Bhiwandi Narpoli to Thane, and the Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Transport operates bus services from Bhiwandi Gopal Nagar to Kalyan, every 20 minutes. Auto-rickshaws too, run from Bhiwandi to Thane and Kalyan. Jeeps ply from Bhiwandi to the nearby town of Padgha,Omnis (Taxi) also runs beetween Kalyan to Bhiwandi.


The Bhiwandi Nizampur Road Station (code BIRD) lies on the Vasai-Diwa corridor, between the western line and central line. An passanger train Which is run by a Diesle service runs from Diwa to Vasai only four times in a day. Many mail trains make a stop here. Recently computerized reservation service was installed at this station. There is a necessity for a suburban rail line for Bhiwandi Nizampur. The Metro Rail Corporation plans to connect the Thane-Kalyan line through Bhiwandi Nizampur. This may result in more floating population.


The nearest airport from Bhiwandi Nizampur is the Mumbai International and Domestic Airport at a distance of around 55 km. Another International Airport is proposed at NAVI MUMBAI.